SANDRA WINTER THE LABEL was created to bring essentials back to life. I create tailored luxury pieces that are delivered right to your doorstep on a made-to-order basis. You even have the option to send me your exact measurements for the fit of your dreams. I prefer slow fashion over mass-production and see all my pieces as a long term investment for your wardrobe.

My priorities are to give you a perfect fitted garment made with high quality fabric which is within an affordable price range that won't break your bank. Each garment is designed and handcrafted by me personally in a long creative process to make each piece special just for you. My mission is to keep my production and packaging as sustainable as possible for you and our beautiful planet.

 The elevated style between minimalistic and outstanding unique fabric will give you the option to either choose an elegant essential for your everyday look that will make you look luxurious or a more unique piece to stand out. I only use high quality fabric and will continue to search for the best fabric for my garments to give them the luxurious look and feel you deserve. My goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and special in her own way and accentuate this through my clothing.

Sandra Winter